GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE (Professional Investigator-UK-1892) – VG Dickinson, David – 1st in series
Constable, 2002- UK Hardcover

Queen Victoria is on the throne when Irish investigator Lord Francis Powerscourt is informed by his friend, Lord Rosebery, that someone is sending blackmail letters to the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII. The case takes a much darker turn when Edward’s son, Albert, who is second in line for the throne after his father, is found brutally murdered in his bed. While it is publicly released that the prince died from influenza, Powerscourt hunts for the killer.

Dickinson has created a wonderful, and quite believable, mystery imbued with humanity and sympathy. The sense of period, time and place are excellent; the characters and story are realistic and interesting. There is a quiet humor to Powerscourt, along with his relationship with Lady Lucy, the provide balance to the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am happy knowing I have the rest of the series ahead of me.

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