THE TWO MINUTE RULE (Suspense-Los Angeles-Cont) – G+/VG Crais, Robert – Standalone
Simon & Schuster, 2006 - Hardcover

Max Holman has served his time for bank robbery. How released, he hopes to reconcile with his son, Richie, who is a cop. But Richie, along with three other cops, was shot to death the night before Max’s release. Although the police say Richie was a dirty cop, Max doesn’t believe it and is determine to clear his name. For help, he turns to retired FBI agent Katherine Pollard, who had testified on Max’s behalf at his trial.

Even a less-than-wow Crais is better than most authors. This falls into the category of great airplane/beach books. The plot is somewhat implausible but the characters are interesting, the dialogue strong and the action fast-paced. In a month where I had little time to read, this was a very enjoyable break.

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