Blanchard, Alice – LIFE SENTENCES

LIFE SENTENCES (Amateur Sleuth/Scientist-LA-Cont) – Poor Blanchard, Alice – 2nd book
Warner Books, 2006- Paperback

Daisy Hubbard is a research scientist trying to find a cure for the disease the killed her brother. Her sister, Anna, a schizophrenic, has disappeared and Daisy flies to Los Angeles to look for her. Working with LAPD detective Jack Makowski, they take on a suspected serial killer who had a relationship with the missing Anna.

This so didn’t work for me. It ended up being more a romance than a mystery, and the mother's reaction was completely unbelievable. It was all a bit melodramatic and the only thing about which I cared was getting to the end of the book. I'd take a pass on this one.

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