Schwegel, Theresa – OFFICER DOWN

OFFICER DOWN (Police Procedural-Chicago-Cont) – Ok Schwegel, Theresa – 1st book
St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2005- Hardcover

Officer Samatha Mack is called in from her day off to go out on call with her former partner, Fred Maloney. They go after a pedophile, Trovic. Sam wakes up in the hospital with a head injury, Fred has been killed and the bullet came from Sam’s gun. After her and her married lover tells her the police aren’t looking for Trovic, Sam finds she has no support from her superiors, IA is investigating her and she’s on her own to clear her name.

There are several reasons why I didn’t like this book more. The protagonist was realistic, but I never really liked her for felt empathy for her. Nor did I have any real feeling for any of the characters. Some of the police procedure did not ring true to me. Chicago is always a good setting, but was never really used to create a strong sense of place. The story held my attention and I did finish the book, but I can’t say I’d seek out another by this author. My reaction was lukewarm, at best.

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