Grace, C. L. (aka P.C. Doherty) - A SHRINE OF MURDERS

A SHRINE OF MURDERS (Amateur Sleuth-England-1471) – G+ Grace, C. L. (aka P.C. Doherty) - 1st of series
St. Martin’s Press, 1993-Hardcover

Kathryn Swinbrook is a physician in 15th century Canterbury. Pilgrims come from everywhere to visit the shrine of Thomas Beckett, and someone is killing them and leaving short poems pinned to the Cathedral doors. Kathryn, along with Irishman and soldier for the crown Colum Murtagn, is asked by the town officials.

I quite enjoyed this. Although there were anachronisms aplenty, it is true that there were women physicians during this time. The clues were fairly obvious, but the use of herbology, use of Chaucer’s poems and the position of women during the time was very interesting. The characters were good, particularly Kathryn’s servant Thomasina and I didn’t mind either the secondary plot or the budding romance between Kathryn and Colum. It’s a light, quick read good for a Sunday afternoon.

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