Templeton, Aline – NIGHT & SILENCE

NIGHT & SILENCE (Suspense-UK-Cont) – G Templeton, Aline – Standalone
Hodder & Stoughton, 1999 – Hardcover

Tessa Cordiner and her policeman husband David have moved to an idyllic rural village in Wales. But the idyllic life soon turns to terror. The body of a dog is found that police feel may have been practice for a human killing. A young woman is found murdered and left naked on a hilltop. And Tessa feels she is being watched and threatened

Templeton did an excellent job of conveying the discomfort of moving into a very small, insular community, particularly where the native residents speak a different language. There felt to be a lack of cohesion to the plot; the bits just didn’t seem to tie together. I had a hard time connecting with the characters, including the protagonist. The suspense was good—I think it could have been stronger---and I didn’t see the killer until almost the end. This was good, but not my favorite of her books.

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