A CLEAN KILL (Legal Thriller-Alabama-Cont) – G+ Stewart, Mike – 3rd in series
Dell, 2006- Paperback

Attorney Tom McInnes is hired by a young woman whose mother died while on jury duty. He soon uncovers that her death resulted in a new jury member, a large award to the plaintiff and the law firm handling the case. With the help of a psychologist, Kai-Li, he discovers this law firm has had an unrealistically large number of hold-out jurors become sick and the replacement juror enabling a large fee for the lawyers. But the information doesn’t come without Tom being stalked, threatened, beaten and attempts to kill him.

The author spent a fair amount of time trying to explain the lawyer’s attraction to violence but I still wasn’t convinced. There is a love interest but it was nice that they didn’t immediately fall into bed and pledge undying love. There was the required threatening sidekick although I learned very little about him. I imagine I’d feel differently had I read the first two books of the series. There was some good tension and I enjoyed the book being set in Mobile, Alabama which is a different setting from most. Falling into the category of a good airplane book, I found it rather unbelievable but entertaining.

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