BLACKSTONE’S PURSUIT (Private Enquiry Agent-Scotland-Cont) – G+
Jardine, Quintin – 1st in series
Headline, 1998- Paperback

Private enquiry agent Oz Blackstone is looking for stockbroker Willie Kane who has stolen $900K from his employers. Oz finds him naked and dead on the bed of an apartment and the apartment’s tenant, Prim Phillips, just walking in looking for her sister who’d been staying there. Oz and Prim join forces to find her sister and the missing money.

This was almost more of a romance, told from Oz’ perspective, but it did have humor and suspense enough to keep it a mystery. The cover describes the book as “A tale of love, greed, murder—and lethal seduction…” which is quite accurate. I liked Oz, although he seemed a bit juvenile, his father and his sister, but didn’t care much for Prim and it ended with an ethical decision I wouldn’t have made. I found it to be an enjoyable, rather sexual, light, quick read and a good introduction to the character of Oz. I’ve enjoyed other books in the series and will keep reading Oz’s adventures.

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