MURDER ON THE BALLARAT TRAIN (Amateur Sleuth-Australia-1920s) – G+
Greenwood, Kerry – 3rd in series
Allen&Unwin, 2005- Trade Paperback

Phryne Fisher and her companion Dot are on the Ballarat Train. Phryne awakens realizing the first class car is filled with chloroform fumes. She opens the windows, saves the passengers but realizes that the quarrelsome mother of one of the passengers is missing. The mother’s body is found badly broken and Phryne agrees to find the killer. Additional, Phryne rescues a young girl who has lost her memory.

I’ve said it before, but Phryne is who I’d like to be when I grow up; beautiful, smart, tough, independent, fashionable, wealthy but mindful of her poor beginnings and willing to help those who truly are in need. She has a wonderful, ever growing, cast of supporting characters who are diverse and interesting in their own right. This was not the strongest book in the series, but I do love the series overall. These are slightly over the top, just plain fun books.

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