Jones, Tamara Siler - GHOSTS IN THE SNOW

GHOSTS IN THE SNOW (Mystery/Fantasy) - DNF Jones, Tamara Siler - 1st book

Bantam, 2004- Paperback

Dubric Bryerly, the head of security at Castle Faldorrah, sees the dead. In this case, the victims are young servant girls who are brutally murdered.

I loved the premise of this book, but not the book itself. Partly my fault for not realizing it was a fantasy set in some, according to other reviewers on, medieval world in a post-apocalyptic, post-technological age. The period seemed to me to be an excuse for the author to avoid any historical research on customs or language. The character wears a tunic and is a knight, but uses a fork and always has a paper and pencil at hand. I shan't even go into the problems with the grammar or dialogue. I didn't make it even close to my usual 50-page rule.

This may work for those who love pure fantasy, but it didn't work for me.

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