CALCULATED RISK (Police Procedural-San Francisco-Cont) – G+ Wilcox,
Collin – 17th (last) book in series
Henry Hold and Company, 1995- Hardcover

Lt. Frank Hastings is investigating a case of gay bashing that became murder when the victim died. But as the case evolves it leads to a trail of money within an unknown source and one of the most powerful families in California. At the same time, Frank’s personal life is unraveling as he is distancing from the woman with whom he lives due to his attraction to one of his female officers.

Collin Wilcox was a very good author of books primarily set in San Francisco. He also created the character of McCloud. “Calculated Risk” was Wilcox last book and, unfortunately, not his very best. Frank and his officers are an interesting mix. The relationship issues are handled realistically. I liked watching the investigation unfold but wasn’t completely happy with the way he ended the case. And, of course, being his last book, you didn’t know what happened with the relationship. I miss Wilcox’ writing and will always be glad to have his books in my collection. I’ve even a couple of his earliest books I’ve not yet read.

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