King, Jonathan – EYE OF VENGEANCE

EYE OF VENGEANCE (Unlicensed Investigator-Florida-Cont) – VG King,
Jonathan – 4th in series
Dutton, 2006-Hardcover

Crime reporter Nick Mullins is still trying to hold life together after a driver killed his wife and one of his twin daughters in a car accident. It is particularly hard now that the driver has been released from prison. But a distraction comes when a sniper kills a prisoner on the jailhouse steps. When another sniper shooting takes place, Mullins begins to realize the victims were both subjects of his in depth articles about killer who received light to no prison time for their crimes.

For me, King really knows how to tell a story and how to create a character. Mullins has suffered a devastating loss but knows he must keep himself together for his daughter, whose loss is as great, perhaps ever greater having both lost her twin and being in the accident when it happened. King presented a real sense of the emotions without it overwhelming the story. But you understand Mullins grief, his frustration with his job, his anger at the justice system and his fear and slight ambiguity when he realizes the sniper is killing in the name of “justice” driven by Mullin’s articles. Even the killer, about whom you learn as the story progresses, is an interesting character. I certainly found this to be a page-turning, involving read.

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