THE CREDITON KILLINGS (Historical-UK-1300s) – G+ Jecks,
Michael – 6th in series
Headline, 1997 – UK Paperback

Ex-Knight Templar Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King's Peace and Simon Puttock, bailiff of Lydford, and his wife Margaret, have come to Crediton for the arrival of the Bishop of Exeter. Simon and his wife are grieving the recent death of their 18-month old son. Other travelers have come to Crediton; a rough band of mercenary soldiers. The leader of the band beds one of the inn’s serving girls. A couple day’s later, the leader’s treasure of silver has been stolen and the girl is found murdered in one of the leader’s trunks.

I so enjoy this series. Jecks makes the period come to life through the people, customs and setting. His characters have worries, problems and relationships with which the reader can identify. The relationship between Baldwin and Simon, as well as Simon and his wife add a real richness and humanity to the story. Jecks offsets those aspects with the characteristics in other characters of power, greed and selfishness. Add to this, a good mystery, several plot lines that are interesting but never become overwhelming or convoluted, some good suspense and one ends up with a very enjoyable read in a well-done series.

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