Housewright, David – PRETTY GIRL GONE

PRETTY GIRL GONE (Unlicensed Investigator-Minnesota-Cont) – VG Housewright,
David – 3rd in series

St. Martin’s Press, 2006- Hardcover

Rushmore “Mac” McKenzie has retired from the police force wealthy enough not to need work. But he does favors for people, particularly his old high school girlfriend. Lindsey Barrett is married to the Governor of Minnesota and is planning to run for the Senate. But someone has sent her an email saying that if he runs, the truth will come out about the murder of Jack Barrett’s high school girlfriend. Lindsey asks Mac to find out who sent the email. To do so, Mac needs to solve the murder. Is the Governor a murderer?

I’m so glad I found this series. I really enjoy the character of Mac; he’s believably flawed but not depressingly so. He also creates good, interesting, dimensional secondary characters. Housewright creates a great sense of place and uses the weather very effectively. The plot twists were very effective and I really liked the ending, except for Mac’s ambivalence. But that’s for the next book to address and I’ll be there to read it.

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