THE BOOKWOMAN’S LAST FLING (Amateur Sleuth-Idaho/California-Cont) - VG Dunning,
John – 6th in series
Scribner, 2006- Hardcover

Former copy, Cliff Janeway, is now a bookman who has been called to a ranch in Idaho. Twenty years’ ago, Candice Geiger died leaving behind a collection of valuable first edition children’s books. But some are missing and not necessarily the most valuable books. With the woman’s estate in probate, one son wants to hire Janeway to find out what books are missing and their value as he is depending upon the sale of the books to support his horse racing business. However, the daughter hires Janeway to find out who murdered her mother, in spite of the death having been ruled a suicide.

I really enjoyed this book. Janeway is a bookman, but being an ex-cop means he is tough and take care of him self. He enjoys his business, but misses being a cop. He loves his girlfriend, but does he love her enough. I always learn things when I ready Dunning’s books. Not only did I learn more about book collecting in this one, but about life behind the scenes in the horse racing industry. The characters are strong and interesting, the dialogue crisp and effective. There is good sense of place and some very good suspense. It certainly held my interest all the way through. If you love books and you love mysteries, you should enjoy this book.

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