Carver, Caroline – BENEATH THE SNOW

BENEATH THE SNOW (Thriller-Alaska-Cont) – G+ Carver,
Caroline – Standalone
Orion, 2005- UK Hardcover

Abby McCall is a garden architect living in the UK when she receives news her sister, Libby, has disappeared. Libby, a research scientist living in Alaska, has developed a device that could make her rich, or dead, if the people hunting her get their hands on it. In spite of a bitter estrangement, Abby battles the bitterness of the Alaskan winter, and memories of a romance gone badly, to rescue her sister.

It’s nice to find an author who writes a solid action thriller in which both the protagonists and villains are strong, smart, yet realistic women. At the same time, they are not over-the-top, anti-men either. Elements of the plot were a bit over the top. The romance was somewhat unnecessary and, at times, annoying. Carver is no Stabenow but I definitely found myself quickly turning the pages through this non-stop read.

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