RUSTY NAIL (Police Procedural-Chicago-Cont) – Poor Konrath,
J.A. – 3rd in series
Hyperion, 2006 – Hardcover

The friends of and people know to Chicago Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels are being targeted for torture and murder by someone connected by the convicted “Gingerman” serial killer.

I really did enjoy Konrath’s first two books. But this one left me with a hangover. I love the characters of Jack and her partner Herb, and the humor in the writing. I did get tired of constant description of every item of clothing Jack was wearing and the label attached thereto. I don’t even mind dark and gruesome as long as there’s a real purpose to it. But this felt, to me, as though the author couldn’t think of an original plot so he merely picked up on a theme and had a joyous time describing as many ways possible that one human being can torture themselves or another. It is a quick read, it does have humor, it is absolutely not for those who don’t like graphic violence. I think it’s time for me to go on the wagon where Konrath is concerned.

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