SIGHT UNSEEN (Mystery-UK-Cont) – G Goddard, Robert – 15th novel
Press, 2006- Hardcover

On a summer day in 1981, PhD student, David Umber, is waiting to meet an unidentified man who claims he can help David with his research into Junius, a political polemicist during the 1700s. While waiting, he sees a young nanny with three children and witnesses the kidnapping of one child and the hit-and-run death of a second. Years later, Umber, now a tour guide in Prague, is approached by now-retired Chief Inspector George Sharp. Sharp was in charge of the original investigation and now convinces Umber to return to England so they can learn what really happened and who was responsible.

Reading UK authors occasionally points out how lacking is my knowledge of English history in that I had never heard of Janius. While that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book, I did wonder about it’s significance to the plot for quite a ways into the book. There were a lot of characters and it became a bit confusing at time, but following David on his path of discovery compelled me to keep turning the pages as I really wanted to find out where the story was going. The characters were interesting and well-drawn. The revelations were well placed through the story. Although I enjoyed the book, when I looked at it a week later, I had trouble remembering what it was about. So, it was a good read, but definitely not outstanding

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