PRIMARY STORM (Thriller-New Hampshire-Cont)- VG DuBois,
Brendan – 6th in series
Thomas Dunne Books, 2006-Hardcover

Magazine columnist Lewis Cole once worked for the Department of Defense and has signed a non-disclosure about his time there. It is now Presidential primary season in New Hampshire. Lewis’ girlfriend, Annie Flynn, is working for candidate Senator Jackson Hale whose wife happens to be a former girlfriend of Lewis. The Senator is coming to town and a Secret Service Agent visits Lewis. While attending a rally, Lewis leave early to be sick outside, and someone attempts to shoot the Senator. It turns out the gun belongs to Lewis and the Agent wasn’t with the Secret Service after all. Never one to leave things to others, Lewis is determined to find out who was behind the frame and the attempt.

DuBois is one of the many authors I feel is under-recognized. I’ve enjoyed the Lewis Cole series from the beginning and this book is no exception. DuBois creates excellent sense of place. Louis is an interesting character with a past, as is his friend Felix. The story is gripping and action-packed and certainly doesn’t doe anything to improve my view of the election process in this country but still makes the point that it is the best system there is. Primary Storm can stand on it’s own, but I recommend reading the series from the beginning.

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