Craig, Philip R. and William G. Tapply – FIRST LIGHT

FIRST LIGHT (Unlicensed investigators-Massachusetts-Cont) – G+ Craig,
Philip R. and William G. Tapply – first collaboration
Scribner, 2002 – Hardcover

Boston attorney Brady Coyne is visiting his friend J.W. Jackson on Martha’s Vineyard to participate in the annual striped bass and bluefish derby. Brady is also there to visit an elderly client who, dying of cancer, wants Brady to advise her on the sale of her property; much to her family’s dismay. J.W. Jackson is contacted by a man looking for his estranged wife, missing after last being seen on the island. J.W. and his wife, Zee, introduce Brady with a woman, who he realizes is his client’s nurse. Brady believe she has stood him up for a subsequent date, but later realizes she has gone missing. Both women are in the 40s with blond hair and, it turns out, are only two of such women missing.

I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked. The two authors alternated chapters with their characters but I didn’t find it awkward or disruptive. The characters are interesting and ending suspenseful. I always enjoy the setting of Martha’s Vineyard, but it does help, with this book, if you like fishing. The story definitely kept me reading. This is not quite cozies, in spite of the very good recipes at the back. Both authors are very good in their own right and the blending of their talents.

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