Benton, Caroline –THE PATH OF THE DEAD

THE PATH OF THE DEAD (Suspense-UK-Cont) – VG Benton, Caroline – 1st book
2006- UK Hardcover

Gus Tavender is a photographer for the Devon Fire Brigade. In the aftermath of a house fire, Gus finds something the Brigade has missed; a charred body that had been locked in a closet. A few days later, Gus run into an acquaintance from her collage days and is surprised when she later receives an invitation to visit. Judith is the heir to her late aunt who apparently died in a walking accident on the Moors. But Judith believes her aunt was murdered and wants Gus to investigate.

Gus is a wonderful character, strong, caring, and determined, but also smart enough to know when to seek help, even though she may drive on and hopes help arrives. I particularly liked her relationship with her father. I’ll admit there were a few British-isms with which I was unfamiliar, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story. The story unfolds to the reader as it does to the protagonist, which I enjoyed. There were some very good twists in a solid plot that built to an exciting scene and realistic conclusion. With wonderful descriptions of the Moors, Ms. Benton has created a very good, suspenseful first book and I am looking forward to her second.

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