THE SECOND MOUSE (Police Procedural-Vermont-Cont) – VG Mayor, Archer – 17th in series
Mysterious Press, 2006- Hardcover

Vermont Bureau of Investigation Field Force Commander Joe Gunther hears the call of a body found and stops to see whether he can help the responding State Police. At first, he seems a natural death, but something just doesn’t quite fit and makes Joe uncomfortable enough, he decides to investigate. At the same time, there is a pair of bad guys on a crime spree but there’s a problem. One of the men is in love with his partner’s wife.

I always enjoy Mayor’s books. He has a very visual, evocative style completely involving the reader. Joe is the consummate professional cop always questioning and ever loyal to his friends. Mayor expertly takes two story lines, builds them, intertwines them and bringing them to a satisfying conclusion. While Mayor refers to people and relationships in the past, although there is one I’m hoping will finally disappear, the reader never feels left out. I’m happy to say “Second Mouse” is another very good entry into this series.

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