GRAVE SURPRISE (Paranormal Suspense-Memphis-Cont) – VG Harris, Charlaine – 2nd in series
Berkeley Prime Crime, 2006-

Harper Collins and her stepbrother Tolliver have come to Memphis at the request of Professor Clyde Nunley. He has asked Harper to demonstrate her unique ability to find the dead and know how they died. When she comes the grave of a centuries-old man she not only identifies him, but a second corpse buried on top—the body of a girl Harper had been hired, but failed, to find previously. Now that they’ve found the body, the question is who killed her?

I’ll admit I like books involving the paranormal when it’s well done, and this is. This series is more serious than Ms. Harris Sookie Stackhouse series, which I like. The main character and her step-brother are interesting, well-developed characters whose pasts tie them together in a unique way which will certainly influence their future. Harper struggles with the aftereffects, both physically and emotionally, of the event which triggered her abilities and with the lack of understanding from others. To me, this gives her an vulnerability and sense of frustration which seem very human. The story is well-plotted and interesting with some fascinating secondary characters. They story being set in Memphis added an interesting side element about which one wouldn’t normally think. I very much enjoyed this book and recommend it to those who enjoy the paranormal.

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