Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) – BORN IN DEATH

BORN IN DEATH (Police Proc-NYC-Future) – VG Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) – 25th in series
Putnam, 2006- Amer Hardcover

Eve Dallas is investigating the murder of a young professional woman. One murder quickly turns into two as her fiancée is found murdered in his apartment; two murders, one killer. To Eve, the motive clearly ties back to their work. But in the midst of the investigation, Eve’s extremely pregnant friend, Maise, begs Eve to find a fellow mother-to-be, Tandy, who has suddenly disappeared.

Reading Robb is one of my guilty pleasures, and a pleasure it was, indeed. The hallmarks of the series, along with the usual characters were there; crisp dialogue with occasional elements of humor, Eve’s single-focused determination to bring justice to the victims, her love to her friends, in spite of her discomfort with emotions, and her relationship with Roarke. But it also had an emotional note with Maise’s pregnancy, a question of Eve and Roake’s ethics and reminders back to both Eve’s and Roarke’s past. The plot wasn’t perfect, the coincidence huge and I enjoyed every bit of it. What can I say, I’m a fan. And sometimes you just need a purely enjoyable read. Anyone thinking of reading this series, however, should start at the beginning.

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