Frederickson, Jack – A SAFE PLACE FOR DYING

A SAFE PLACE FOR DYING (Unlicensed Invest-Chicago-Cont) – G+
Frederickson, Jack – 1st book
Thomas Donne Books, 2006- Amer Hardcover

Chicago investigator Vlodek "Dek" Elstrom lost his marriage and his business even though his name was cleared. Now he is living in a dilapidated garret, with no castle, built by his grandfather and is in a constant battle to keep that. His wealthy ex-wife, Amanda, lives within a secured community having inherited the house and some incredibly valuable art. A blackmailer is threatening to blow up houses in the community unless he’s paid. Even though “Dek” has never investigated people, only paper, he is hired to find the blackmailer before the neighborhood goes up in smoke.

I will forgive holes in the plot as long as I am sold on the characters and Frederickson has created a delightful, realistically flawed character in “Dek.” I enjoyed the battle with his home and his determination to restore his reputation, but to others and to himself. “Dek” is the underdog you really want to see succeed. Then add Leo, The Bohemian, Elvis and Griselda Buffy and you’ve quite a cast. I did spot the villain fairly soon into the story but was so caught up, I didn’t care. It’s not a perfect book but it is a very entertaining one and I shall certainly be looking for the next.

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