So since getting the word from St. Martin's, me and my lovely Vicious Circle have been plotting marketing. Good thing I'm not shy about it. I've noticed that (California) Inland Empire writers are getting more press these days so I've decided to take advantage of that by sending a press release to Inland Empire magazine. I was hoping to get a few interviews from them (follow me from contract to publication!) but they weren't biting, though they were interested in interviewing me closer to the pub date. That's a score. Also trying to get myself onto some panels. We have a Writer's Week at the local university and I'm trying to get on that as well as Bouchercon. But it's tough when you have really nothing to show for it. Fortunately, I get to dust off my graphic design skills and prepare...something...for these events. I'm thinking book plates. Once there is a cover, I can cannibalise that. Other ideas are fluttering around in my head. It should be interesting in the next few months.

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