Abbott, Jeff - Distant Blood – Ex 4th in series - Much darker and more serious than previous, he
whines a bit much

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Charming Man – G
10th in series - Always enjoyable

Buchanan, Edna - Act of Betrayal – VG
4th in series - Liked - serious, hurricane

Buchanan, Edna - Nobody Lives Forever – Ex
Stand alone - very good - dark

Conley, Martha - Growing Light – Sold New Age Marin Software company - light weight

Connelly, Michael - Black Ice – Ex 1996 Top Ten List – 2nd
in series -
Really like his writing - read more

Cooper, Susan Rogers - 1, 2, What Did Daddy Do – G
Good lead up, but weak wrap

Cornwell, Patricia - Cause of Death – Ok
7th in series - Better than last 2, but only okay - go to paperback for future books

D'Amato, Barbara - Hard Christmas – G
Liked her earlier books better

Ford, G.M. - Who in the Hell is Wanda Fuca – Ex
1996 Top Ten List - 1st in series - Seattle - definitely read more

Heller, Jane - Cha Cha Cha – Sold Only Okay, good humor, lousy sex, light

Herndon, Nancy - Widow's Watch – Sold
2nd in series - Okay, but too light for me

Hoag, Tami - Guilty as Sin – Ex 1996 Top Ten List - 7th
book - Very good sequel to Night Sin

Mayor, Archer - Ragman's Memory – VG
7th in series - Not as exciting as Dark Root, but very good police procedural

Michaels, Barbara - Stitches in Time – Ok
Always feel as though part of the narrative are missing

Squire, Elizabeth Daniels - Memory Can Be Murder – Sold
Too light 3rd in series - - enough

Squire, Elizabeth Daniels - Remember the Alibi – Sold
2nd in series - Knew the killer by page 10 - too light and fluffy

Tey, Josephine - Daughter of Time – Ok
Very slow - no longer a big fan of the English

Walker, Mary Willis - Under Beetle's Celler – Ex
1996 Top Ten List – 2nd Molly Cates - Excellent!!! A definite must read.

Winslow, Don - Cool Breeze oN tHE Undergrnd – Ex
1996 Top Ten List – 1st Neal Carey - Definately read more!!! Different from the usual

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