Connelly, Michael - Concrete Blonde – Ex
1997 Top Ten List - 3rd in series - Very good book

Connelly, Michael - Poet, The – Ex 1997 Top Ten List – Standalone - Excellent twists and turns, well
written and crafted!

Dunning, John - Deadline – Ex 1997 Top Ten List – 4th in series - Dunning writes a GREAT

Fold, G.M. - Cast In Stone – Ex 1997 HM – 2nd in
series -
Seattle, PI, good series, read more

Grant, Michael – Retribution – Ex Very good, gritty action

Lippman, Laura - Baltimore Blues – Sold
Okay, but slow and plodding - won't read more

Moore, Christopher - Practical Demonkeeping – Ex
Similiar to Good Omens - weird but fun

Roberts, Lora - Murder Mile High – Ex
4th in series - Best in series so far

Stein, R.L. – Superstitious – Sold Beyond gruesome!!!

Wesley, Valerie Wilson - When Death Comes Stealing – Sold
Okay, but probably won't read more - man w/5 kids by 5 women

Wheat, Carolyn - Mean Streak – G 4th in series - Good development of Cassie through the series

Wheat, Carolyn - Where Nobody Dies – Ok
3rd in series - Good, but an overabundance of characters

White, Gloria - Sunset to Santiago – Ex
1997 HM – 4th in series -Best in series so far

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