Barrett, Neal Jr. - Skinny Annie Blues - Sold Nuf said

Connelly, Michael - Last Coyote, The - Ex 4th in series - A reliably good read. Excellent police procedurals.

Connelly, Michael - Trunk Music - Ex 1997 Top Ten List – 5th in
series -
Read them as soon as I find them!

Cooper, Susan Rogers - Hickory, Dickory Stalk - G 2nd in series - Better than the first book

Craig, Philip R. - Case of Vineyard Poison - G 6th in series - Enjoyable series

Craig, Philip R. - Cliff Hanger - VG 4th in series - Lots of action for a smallish book

Craig, Philip R. - Double-Minded Men - G 3rd in series - Enjoyable series

Craig, Philip R. - Off Season - G 5th in series - Enjoyable series

Hoag, Tami - Thin Red Line, A - VG 8th book - Very good read, some mutilation of animals

Pedrazas, Allan - Harry Chronicles - Ex Good character, good plot twists

Perry, Anne - Ashworth Hall - G Irish troubles, more Gracie

Phillips, Gary - Violent Spring - Sold Okay but not great, too many characters, too PC

Roberts, Lora - Murder Bone by Bone - G 5th in series - Growth of the character more important
than the plot

Short, Sharon Gyn - Angel's Biding - VG Cincinnati PI, not whimpy or whinny

Smith, Cynthia - Noblesse Oblige - Sold Okay, but characters ego beyond belief; even more than Amelia Peabody

Smith, Sarah - Knowledge of Water - Sold 2nd in series - The group liked, but I just couldn't get into these

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