Block, Lawrence - Burglars Can't Be Choosers - G 1st in series - Very enjoyable read-

Block, Lawrence - Man Who THOUGHT HE WAS Bogart - VG 7th in series - Good humor and turn of phrase, classic parlor room ending. Read more

Coben, Harlan - Backspin - VG 4th in series - Really enjoy the series - like the relationships between the

Craig, Philip R.- Deadly Vineyard Holiday - VG 8th in series - Very enjoyable - one of his best

Emerson, Earl - Dead Horse Paint Co. - G 5th Mac Fontana - Like him, but want to see Mac grow more, needed more suspense

Francis, Dick - 10 lb. Penalty - G 37th book - Still Dick Francis, but definitely not as good as some of his.

Gabaldon, Diana - Dragonfly in Amber - Ex 1997 Top Read -2nd in series - Read in one day

Gabaldon, Diana - Drums of Autum - Ex 1997 Top Read -4th in series - Waiting for the next one

Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander - Ex 1997 Top Read -1st in series - Time travel - love these -
forgot Georgianne at the airport

Gabaldon, Diana - Voyager - Ex 3rd in series - 1997 Top Read - These are great

George, Elizabeth - In the Presence of the Enemy - Sold Should be tight, suspenseful, involving 400 pages; was
600+ overdone

Parker, Robert B. - Night Passage - Ex 1997 HM- 1st Jesse Stone - Excellent beginning of a new series -
Jesse Stone

Perry, Thomas - Shadow Woman - Ex 1997 Top Read - Good suspense, would prefer less narrative and more dialog, will read next

Reichs, Kathy - Deja Dead - VG Canadian - good dialogue, better than Cornwell

Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) - Vengence in Death - G 6th in series - An enjoyable enough series

Sandstrom, Eve K. - Violent Beat - Sold Story ok but awkward-written 3rd person, char.
too young for author

Wheat, Carolyn - Troubled Waters - Ok 5th in series - 60's radicals coming home - skimmed more than read

Wilcox, Collin - Except for the Bones - G 3rd in Alan Bernhardt series - Very enjoyable read

Wilham, Kate - For the Defense - Sold Except for court, dialog stilted, hints to past annoying, inconsistent

Winslow, Don - While Drowning In the Desert - Ex 1997 Top Read - 5th Neil Carey - light fun - much less dark
than some of his

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