Block, Lawrence - Eight Million Ways to Die - Ok 5th in series - Not as good as some of the others

Block, Lawrence - Stab in the Dark - VG 4th in series - Really like this series

Block, Lawrence - Time to Murder & Create - VG 3rd in series - Very good series

Cooper, Susan Rogers - Chasing Away the Devil - G 1st in series - Milt Kovak - Much better than I

Doolittle, Jerome-Staranglehold - G 2nd in series - I would read more

Grishem, John - Street Lawyer - G Homeless - an enjoyable enough book

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Death to Go - G 3rd in series - Enjoy the series but plot was weak

Harvey, John - Cutting Edge - Ok 3rd in series - Not one of his best

Hughes, Charlotte - Valley of the Shadow - VG 1st in series - Light but not cozy, would read more

Jaco, Charles - Dead Air - Ok ARC -Iraq-Very
timely but never really connected w/main character

Jance, J.A. - Until Proven Guilty - Ex Orig. Read 1993 – 1st in series - excellent beginning to series

Russell, Alan - Multiple Wounds - Ex 1998 Top Ten List - Excellent, intelligent, intrieging

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