Block, Lawrence - When the Sacred Ginmill Closes - VG Very well done series

Borchardt, Alice - Silver Wolf - G Anne Rice-ish but with less gruesomeness and sex

Boyle, Gerry - Boderline - G 4th in series - Like him, but this is not one of his best

Lawrence, Margaret - BlooD Red Roses - G Not up to the 1st, slower read, conveys period well

Mayor, Archer - Open Season - Ex 1st read 1/95 – 1st in series - Cop in Brattleboro, VT,
serial killer, father of hooker

Parket, Robert B. - Sudden Mischief - VG He does dialogue better than anyone

Sparks, Nicholas - Message in a Bottle - Sold Characters
seemed stiff, romance with tragic ending

Wright Laurali R. - Suspect - G Characters well done, intrieging style, motive seemed weak

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