Black, Ethan - Broken Hearts Club - Sold ARC - villain twist revealed 1/2 way, spoils suspense, annoying style

Block, Lawrence - A Walk Among the Tombstones - VG Extremely well done series

Block, Lawrence - Dance at the Slaughterhouse - VG Not for the faint of heart but I really like these

Block, Lawrence - Even the Wicked - G I did figure it out, but still like his writing style

Block, Lawrence - The Devil Knows You're Dead - VG I am definately a fan

Gleiter, Jan - House by the Side of the Road - G Dialog poor, no where near her 1st book

Muller, Marcia - While Other People Sleep - Ex 1998 Top Ten - Excellent!!!

O'Kane, Leslie - Just the Fax Ma'am - Sold Just couldn't finish this

Rankin, Ian - Black & Blue - VG Rebus goes dry - more complex than previous books

Russell, Alan - Shame - Ex 1998 HM - Really excellent book and author

Smith, Martin J. - Time Release - Ex 1998 HM - Product tempering, repressed memory, excellent

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