Ever wonder what mystery writers do when they're not plotting someone's death? If so there's a place to find out, even if you're curious about writers who are too far away to meet at a book signing. My good friend and fellow crime author Sunny Frasier pointed me to a great web site called Killer Hobbies - http://killerhobbies.blogspot.com/ - where six regulars and several other mystery authors go to discuss their off-hours activities. Sunny happens to be a part-time astrologer, which you'll learn if you go to her entry, posted on June 2. But even I was surprised at some of the other ways crime writers spend their free time. Hmmm... Should I tell them about my stash of superhero comic books? Maybe I'll wait until after ComicCon in July.
Meanwhile, read Killer Hobbies to see what takes up the free time of some of your fellow writers.

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