Block, Lawrence - Everybody Dies - Ex 1998 Top Ten - His very best!!!

DeLoach, Nora - Mama Stalks the Past - Sold Slow, not very interesting

Hamilton, Steve - A Cold Day in Paradise - VG Best 1st PI novel - very good

Hanna. Lynn - Starry Child, The - Ok Magic, faries, but should have been better

Hunt, David - The Magician's Tale-G Color-blind photographer - seemy side of SF

Miller, John A. - Cutdown - Ok Albany unconventional attorney, tolarable enough

Pears, Ian - The Raphael Affair - Sold Slower than slow - didn't finish

Perry, Anne - A Breach of Promise - VG Monk - Excellent twist - awareness w/o preaching

Perry, Anne - Brunswick Gardens - Ex 1998 Top Ten-(Pitt) What an intelligent, literate writer-excellent balance

Rozen, S.J. - A Bitter Feast - G The weakest of her series

Ruca, Greg - Keeper - Ok Abortion rights, body guards, might read another

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