Harvey, John - Living Proof - VG Resnick - fun use of real authors

Hoag, Tami - Ashes to Ashes - G Serial killer, very grim

Jennings, Maureen - Except the Dying - VG Victorian Toronto, well crafted, looser class structure than UK

Kearsley, Susanna - Undertow - Ok 1993-very early in her career, Mary Stewart-type mystery

Marsh, Ngaio - A Man Lay Dead - VG Reads more like a play

Rowe, Jennifer - Suspect - VG Australian police procedural, excellent suspense

Ruse, Megan Mallory - Dead Stick - Sold Alaska-female medevac
pilot-amuterish style

Wheat, Carolyn - Sworn to Defend - VG Lots of twists and turns

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