Barre, Richard - Blackheart Highway - NR Just couldn't get into it

Block, Lawrence - You Could Call It Murder - G Very 50's - well done as are all of his

Cobin, Harlan - The Final Detail - VG Espiranza arrested for murder, your actions always come back to you

Craig, Phillip R. - A Shoot on Martha's Vineyard - G Environmentalist dead- JW suspect, movie company

Crais, Robert - LA Requim - Ex 1999 Top Ten - Pikes story-love, friendship, loyalty, BEST YET

Krueger, William Kent - Iron Lake - VG 1999 HM – 1st in
series - Excellent blend of suspense and Native Amer. Mysticism

Thomas-Graham, Pamela - A Darker Shade of Crimson - Sold Okay-black Dean of Students murdered - only okay

Todd, Charles - A Test of Wills - Ex 1999 Top Ten - 1919 Britian-shell shocked Insp, excellent

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