Every time I check this page, I see this poor blog sitting alone and unattended, and I think, "I gotta think of something to post..." Yeah, right. I'm not usually this neglectful when it comes to posting. I just forget what time of year it is.

And that is--summer mold season. Otherwise known as the season of brain fog. I'm terribly allergic. It's a great time for reading, and sometimes for writing, because neither of those things necessarily involves direct contact with other people. Communications, on the other hand, tend to suffer. Family often has to try more than once to get my attention, and not because I'm trying to ignore them. It would be nice if I could take antihistamines, but that's out. I have so many chemical sensitivities that I begin reacting to medications within two or three doses.

Ah well. At least I've only got one writing assignment that needs taking care of, a part for a presentation on writing suspense for the Muse Online Writers Conference, a free, five day event to be held in October. My novel's coming along slowly due to brain fog, but it's actually moving, which is encouraging after a few years of being blocked. Making it to chapter four feels like a huge accomplishment.

LOL! Just sat five minutes trying to think what to say next. The fog rolled in again. Must be all the lawn mowing going on in the neighborhood today, stirring up mold in the grass. That and the neighbor doing their laundry. I really hate perfumed laundry detergent. I know I'm going to get nothing useful accomplished once that smell starts invading the air.

Until the next time there's enough of a clear space in the fog bank~~~

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