Well I don't know about anybody else, but it seems we play with dogs.

We've just welcomed our second Australian Terrier to the fold - Jedda is 8 weeks old, she's got a temper, she's destroyed one toy already (and she only arrived on Saturday night) and she's gorgeous.

It's just a bit of a pity that the other Australian Terrier thinks she's the devil incarnate - but hopefully.....

Anyway, I'll post some baby photos here :)

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Comment by HappyRuby on June 18, 2007 at 11:14pm
Actually I don't do a lot but read. Tried NetFlix for awhile but found so many movies that I didn't like went back to the books. Of course I do go to work - part-time, clean house as necessary, keep up the books out datbase for booksnbytes.com and take care of my cat and dog. I have no experience with your breed of dog but have had border collies.

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