Francis, Dick - Second Wind - Ok A very sad example of his work

Hightower, Lynn S. - Satan's Lambs - G+ Woman who's brother-in-law involved with Satanists

King, Laurie R. - A Darker Place - G Ending was very abrupt and open ended - left you hanging

Niles, Chris - Run Time - G+ Like his writing style, Radio journalist in Aust. Set up for murder

Parker, Robert B. - Family Honor - VG Sunny Randall (1) PI

Parker, Robert B. - Perish Twice - VG Sunny Randall (2) PI

Rowe, Jennifer - Something Wicked - G Woman cop (Aust), hear her thoughts, 2nd book - good

Stabenow, Dana - Midnight Come Again - VG 2001 TOP 10 -
Kate after lover's death

Stabenow, Dana - Nothing Gold Can Stay - VG Liam Campbell

Wright, Sally - Price and Predator - VG Scotland 1960's, definitely want to read more

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