Barton, Dan-Killer Material-VG-Stand-up comic tougher than you'd think, well done, enjoyed

Block, Lawrence - Coward's Kiss - VG Stand-alone, 1961, somewhat period, hats, pipes, like a good old movie

Boyle, Gerry - Cover Story - G Not his best but still enjoyed, cop childhood friend arrested for murder

Buchanan, Edna - Gardenof Evil - VG A real step forward, much more serious and darker, woman
serial killer

Connelly, Michael - Void Moon - Ok Both characters on wrong side of law, the crook and the crook

Crais, Robert - Demolition Angel - Ex Female bomb expert who "died", lover killed, invest. Explosion cop killed

Hamilton, Laurell K. - Obsidian Butterfly - Ex Gory, not as sharp humor, focus on Edward, still love this

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Dead Fall - Weird Woman metamorphosing into her mother

Thompson, Victoria - Murder on St. Mark's Place - VG 1896 NY, man killing charity girls, widow midwife and Det.- read more

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