Bowen, Rhys - Evanly choirs - VG Opera singer returns to Wales,
like this series

Cobin, Harlan - Darkest Fear - G+ Myron finds out he has a son who needs liver transplant

Deverell, Diana - 12 Drummers Drumming - G International intrigue

Ephron, G.H. - Amnesia - G Woman who'd been shot in head accuses husband

Francis, Dick - Shattered - G Glass blower and video tape, a bit convoluted

Grafton, Sue - O is for Outlaw - G Ex-husband in coma, Kelsey investigates

Harstad, Donald - Eleven Days - G Iowa Sheriff, satanism

Healy, Jeremiah - Spiral - G Young daughter of wealthy man drown - sex, drugs, rock & roll

Jance, J.A. - Outlaw Mountain - G Joanna Brady, woman found dead in desert

Krueger, William Kent - Boundary Waters - Ex 2000 TOP 10 – 2nd
in series -
Cork to find singer in woods of MN - very well written

Mayor, Archer - Occam's Razor - G+ Illegal dumping, body on RR tracks, good but not the best

Muller, Marcia-Listen to the Silence-Ok-Sharon discovers family secret, tracks it down, not a "real" mystery

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