Andrews, Robert - A Murder of Honor - VG DC police procedural, honest cops, well written, dimensional characters

Cannell, Stephen J. - The Viking Funeral - G+ Had problems with style at start, but improved, good end

Connelly, Michael - A Darkness More than Night - VG Bosch & McCaleb - set ups and old cases, excellent

Harris, Charlaine - Dead Until Dark - VG Southern vampire, murder, romance, my kind of book!

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia -Blood Sinister - G Not the best of hers but still like the series

Kearsley, Susanna - Gemini Game - G Gothic-type story, Mary Stewart-esque

Moorcroft, Paul - Anchoress of Shere - Ex 2002 TOP 10 - obsession & insanity versus intellect
and courage

Parker, Robert B. - Potshot - G Good dialogue, not much plot

Perry, Thomas - Blood Money - G+ Jane, a young woman and an old former accountant for the mob

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