Barton, Dan - Dead Crowd - VG This is one tough comedian - he's getting even better

Booth, Stephen - Blood on the Tongue - Ok Ben Cooper & Diane Fry - Mystery links back to WWII

Chang, Leonard - Over the Shoulder - Sold Not my thing

DuBois, Brenden - Killer Waves - VG Lewis Cole's past returns with the Feds

Emerson, Earl - Vertical Burn - Sold/Okay Firefighters, technically interesting but seemed flat

Evanovich, Janet - Hard Eight - G+ Steph is still inept but story edgier, funny characters

Ford, G.M. - Black River - VG 2nd Corso, knows how to write and keep story moving

Hooper, Kay - Whisper of Evil - Sold/Okay Antoher of the FBI physic investigators - romantic/suspense

Lee, J. Ardian - Outlaw Sword-G - TT, present day man in 1700s with helpful fairy. Not as good as 1st

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