For anyone doesn't know - the main characters in my mystery Lilah and the Locket are based on a great young couple and their German Shepard. Yes, the shepard's name is Lilah :)

Anyway --- here's what happened -

Kristie emailed me last night to see if I could meet her with 2 copies of Lilah and the Locket today. You all will love the reason --- they are having 2 family reunions in PA this weekend and she needed two gifts to give away at the events. So, she wanted to give away a copy of Lilah and she knew it would be a hit with either side of the family.

I think its an incredible idea and fantastic promotion, so I made a point of finding a time and place to meet her. She lives about 25-30 miles from me, so we met in the middle :) I also gave her flyers, bookmarks, book plates, postcards and business cards :) She was thrilled and it should be awesome promo for the book.

She has strict instructions to give me an update Monday evening when they get home. I'm not sure I would've come up with that one -- but its a great idea. I tried to convince her to take a bunch of copies with her -- I would sell them to her for a discount and she could sell them for a markup. I bet she'll wish she had them before Sunday is over :)

We met at Starbucks, so I stopped in and asked about doing a book signing and left my card for the manager. We'll see how it goes -- they did like the idea of working with an author from the community.


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