Burke, Jan - Nine - VG+ Stand alone - very well done-would like more of these characters

Dymmoch, Michael Allen - Death of the Blue Mountain Cat - G Straight cop, gay psych-2nd in series-charac VG,
plot OK

Fusilli, Jim - Closing Time - G+ PI intelligent daughter, wife & son killed, how they died

Grafton, Sue - Q is for Quarry - VG Best in long time-code case, true mystery, seemed less dated

Harstad, Donald - Known Dead - G+ 2nd novel, getting better, less dry, Iowa
police procedural

Hellman, Libby Fischer - An Eye for Murder - G Links back to WWII, lots of coincidences but well written

Johnson, Claire M. - Beat Until Stiff - G Culinary/restaurant work of SF, convenient cop husband

Morgan, Deborah - Death is a Cabaret - G Antique picker, wife agoraphobic

Perry, Anne - Southampton Row - G+ Her characters and historical research are the best part

Proulx, Susanne - Declared Dead - NR Risk manager in Denver

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