Alexander, Bruce - Watery Grave - VG When preserving an image is more important than justice

Block, Lawrence - SmallTown - G+ More graphic sex than normal, quick tie-up and question mark end

Gaiman, Neil - Caraline - VG YA book but the stuff of which nightmares are made

Gerritsen, Tess - Gravity - Ex Not for the weak of stomach but an absolute page turner

Higgins, Jack-Graveyard Shift, The-Sold-Good-classic Higgins, super hero, very bad guys, woman are whores

Maxwell, A.E. - Steal the Sun - G Suspense against backdrop of 1st atom bomb

McBain, Ed - Last Dance, The - VG More complex than some, true police procedural

Newman, Sharan - To Wear the White Cloak - Sold/G+ 12th century Paris,
ignorance of the time, power of church

Parker, Robert B. - Widow's Walk - VG Dialogue excellent-story okay

Pickard, Nancy - Whole Truth, The - Ex 2003 Top Ten - Excellent, twists and turns in 2nd half of book

Rankin, Ian - Dead Souls - VG 3 cases which tie together, very well done

Redfern, Elizabeth - Music of the Spheres, The - Sold/Okay 1700 England-too much description, skimmed a lot

Ross, Kate - Cut to the Quick - VG 1800 England-class structure, regimentation, nobility above all

Schumacher, Alieen - Affirmative Action - G Structural engineer, cop, like the relationship, mystery okay

Scottoline, Lisa - Moment of Truth - Sold Mary DiNunzio hates being an attorney, annoying

Seranella, Barbara - No Offense Intended - VG 2nd in series - very well done

Seranella, Barbara - Unwanted Company - VG She writes an excellent story

Songer, C.J. - Hook - Sold/Okay Writer's style annoying-interjection of thoughts with dialogue

Todd, Charles - Legacy of the Dead - VG Slander campaign against woman w/child, tuns to accusation of murder

Wilcox, Colin - Hire a Hangman - VG 14th Frank Hastings - Well done SF police procedural

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