Alexander, Bruce - Person or Persons Unknown - VG
Women being murdered, 1 killer or 2

Coleman, Reed Farrel - Life Goes Sleeping - G His 1st book-good but too much WWII intrigue overlays the plot

Coleman, Reed Farrel - Walking the Perfect Square - Ex 2003 Top Ten - Perfect NY voice, compelling story, past & present

Crais, Robert - Last Detective, The - VG He's always a great ride - kidnapping of girlfriend's son

Harstad, Donald - The Big Thaw - G+ Police procedural with the Feds / Gabriel

Harvey, John - Still Waters - G+ Not as good as earlier books

Krueger, William Kent - Devil's Bed, The - VG+ Made professional killer sympathic, but loses on gvmt. Conspiracy

Perry, Anne - Death of a Stranger - G Monk - learn more of his background

Perry, Anne - Seven Dials - G Pitt - Not Inner Circle - goes to Egypt

Rankin, Ian - Set in Darkness - G+ Body in the wall - Rebus needs to shape up

Riggs, Cynthia - Deadly Nightshade - Sold Terrible - 90 year-old on Vineyard-horribly written

Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) - Portrait in Death - VG More of Roarke's history, less involvement in Eve's case

Roberson, Jennifer - Sword Dancer - Sold SciFi - Good but not my thing

Robinson, Peter - In a Dry Season - G+ Bone from 1940's turns up, switches POV without advance notice

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