Bowen, Rhys - Evan Only Knows - G+ Less light, man who shot Evans father accused of rape and murder

Brown, Dan - Di Vinci Code, The - Ex 2003 Top Ten - Holy Grail, cyphers, straight-through read

Corley, Elizabeth - Fatal Legacy - G- Characters flat, ending unsurprising, nephew and wife inherit estate

Deverell, William - Trial of Passion - G Not a mystery-retired barrister defends professor from rape

Dobyns, Stephen - Saratoga Bestiary - G Painting of Man-o-War, dog fighting, inept cast of characters

Harstad, Donald - Code Sixty-One - G House of young people, one killed by "vampire"

King, Laurie R. - keeping Watch - G Well-written but disjointed, wanted to like it more, Vietnam main story

Lehane, Cornalius - Beware the Solitary Drinker - Sold Reminded me too much of Peter, NY
coke-using bartender

Masterdon, Graham - Terrible Beauty, A - VG Mystery/Horror, very graphic chapter, Ireland, haunting and compelling

Parker, Robert B. - Back Story - VG 28-year-old mystery, classic Parker

Parker, T. Jefferson - Silent Joe - VG Man scared by acid, adopted by local politician, who is killed

Peale, Cynthia - White Crow, The - VG Victorian Boston, excellent characters, like the progression of series

Raphael, Lev - Little Miss Evil - Sold/Okay College professors, waited a long time for the murder to happen

Roberts, Nora - Brithright - VG Baby stealing and illegal adoption, more mystery than usual

Ross, Kate - Broken Vessel, A - G+ Dipper's sister goes undercover, quality woman dies in shelter

Simmons, Dan - Darwin's Blade - G Accident investigator, action-packed

Spencer-Fleming, Cynthia - In the Bleak Midwinter - G Woman Episcopalian Priest, cop, abandoned baby, woman occasionally

Todd, Charles - Watchers in Time - G Murder of a priest, well-written series

Waiwaiole, Lono - Wiley's Lament - Sold Very noir, somber and violent, no sympathetic character

Wilcox, Collin - Dead Center - G+ 15th Frank Hastings - Thinly disguised Bohemium Club members being murdered

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