EBMRG - 3 July 2007 Meeting Handout



Tuesday July 3rd, 2007 - 7 p.m.

Books will be discussed for Character, Plot, Setting and General Comments.
Ratings categories are:

Ex - A "Wow" read; unique, memorable, a major step forward or standout book for the author. A top read.

VG+ - Close to excellent with only one or two small quibbles

VG - Enthused about it; very well done for it's genre

G+ - Enjoyed it very much

G – Enjoyed the book

Okay - Enjoyed it but with significant reservations. Only okay.

Poor - Wasn't awful, but wasn't good either. Finished it with difficulty.

NR - Did not work for me. Would not recommend this book to others.

DNF – Awful. Did not finish.

BOOKS FOR July 3rd, 2007:

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE - 1st in series Cozy-Ingrid Levin-Hill-Echo Falls-Cont
Peter Abrahams

Peter has written 17 standalone novels and three books in the Echo Falls series. The Echo Falls books are: 1. Down the Rabbit Hole
2. Behind the Curtin
3. Into the Dark

THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS - Standalone Mystery-Mitch Newquist-Nebraska-Cont
Nancy Pickard

Nancy has written:
- 10 books inthe Jennie Cain series;
- 3 in the Eugenia Porter series (originated by Virginia Rich);
- 3 in the Marie Lightfoot series; and
- Contributed to the anthology "Naked Came the Phoenix" along with a number of other well-known female writers.
- "Virgin of Small Plains" is her first standalone.

THE LOST VAN GOGH - 1st book
Police Procedural-Det. Clay Ryder-Cont
A.J. Zerries

This is the first book by the husband and wife team of Al and Jean Zerries

Books for August 7th, 2007

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS - 9th in series Traditional mystery-Hercule Poirot-Europe-1934
Agatha Christie
- 4th in series
Police Procedural-Det. Nic Costa-Italy-Cont
David Hewson
THE ART OF DETECTION - 5th in series
Police Procedural-Det. Kate Martinelli-San Francisco-Cont
Laurie R. King

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